2. MapReduce Ports

The following table lists the default ports used by the various MapReduce services.

Table 10.2. MapReduce Ports
Service Servers Default Ports Used Protocol Description Need End User Access? Configuration Parameters

JobTracker  WebUI

Master Nodes (JobTracker Node and any back-up Job­Tracker node ) 50030 http Web UI for JobTracker Yes mapred.job.tracker.http.address


Master Nodes (JobTracker Node) 8021 IPC

For job submissions

Yes (All clients who need to submit the MapReduce jobs  including Hive, Hive server, Pig) Embedded in URI specified by mapred.job.tracker

Task­Tracker Web UI and Shuffle

All Slave Nodes


http DataNode Web UI to access status, logs, etc. Yes (Typically admins, Dev/Support teams) mapred.task.tracker.http.address
History Server WebUI 51111 http Web UI for Job History Yes mapreduce.history.server.http.address

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