2. Set Up the Server

The Ambari Server manages the install process.

  1. Run the Ambari Server setup:

    ambari-server setup

    If you have not disabled SELinux, you may get a warning. Enter y to continue. If you have not temporarily disabled iptables, the setup will do it for you.

  2. PostgreSQL is configured by the process. When you are prompted to enter Advanced Database Configuration, enter n to set up the default username and password: ambari-server/bigdata. To use your own username and password, enter y.

  3. Agree to the Oracle JDK license when asked. You must accept this license to be able to download the necessary JDK from Oracle. The JDK is installed during the deploy phase.

    [Note] Note

    If you already have a local copy of the Oracle JDK v 1.6 update 31 64-bit binaries accessible from the install host, you can skip this and the next step. See Setup Options for more information. You can set the appropriate path during the Installing, Configuring and Deploying the Cluster: Install Options section of the install wizard.

  4. Setup completes.

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