3.7. Problem: MySQL and Nagios fail to install on RightScale CentOS 5 images on EC2

When using a RightScale CentOS 5 AMI on Amazon EC2, in certain cases MySQL and Nagios will fail to install. The MySQL failure is due to a conflict with the pre-installed MySQL and the use of the RightScale EPEL repository (error "Could not find package mysql-server"). Nagios fails to install due to conflicts with the RightScale php-common library.

 3.7.1. Solution:

On the machines that will host MySQL and Nagios as part of your Hadoop cluster, perform the following:

  1. Remove the existing MySQL server

    yum erase MySQL-server-community
  2. Install MySQL server with a disabled RightScale EPEL repository

    yum install mysql-server --disable-repo=rightscale-epel
  3. Remove the php-common library

    yum erase php-common-5.2.4-RightScale.x86

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