2. Quick Checks

  • Make sure all the appropriate services are running. If you have access to Ambari Web, use the Services View to check the status of each component. If you do not have access to Manage Services, you must start and stop the services manually.

  • If the first HDFS put command fails to replicate the block, the clocks in the nodes may not be synchronized. Make sure that Network Time Protocol (NTP) is enabled for your cluster.

  • If HBase does not start, check if its slaves are running on 64-bit JVMs. Ambari requires that all hosts must run on 64-bit machines.

  • Make sure umask is set to 0022.

  • Make sure the HCatalog host can access the MySQL server. From a shell try:

    mysqld -h $FQDN_for_MySQL_server -u $FQDN_for_HCatalog_Server -p

    You will need to provide the password you set up for Hive/HCatalog during the installation process.

  • Make sure MySQL is running. By default, MySQL server does not start automatically on reboot.

    To set auto-start on boot, from a shell, type:

    chkconfig -–level 35 mysql on

    To then start the service manually from a shell, type:

    service mysqld start

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