8.4. WebHCat

This tab covers Hive/HCatalog settings for the MySQL instance. Here you can set some advanced properties for the WebHCat interface. Click the name of the group to expand and collapse the display.


Table 3.12. WebHCat Settings: Advanced Settings

Name Notes
templeton.port HTTP port for the main server
templeton.hadoop.conf.dir Path to the Hadoop configuration
templeton.jar Path to the Templeton .jar file
templeton.libjars Jar files to add to the classpath
templeton.hadoop Path to the Hadoop executable
templeton.pig.archive Path to the Pig archive
templeton.pig.path Path to the Pig executable
templeton.hcat Path to the HCatalog executable
templeton.hive.archive Path to the Hive archive
templeton.hive.path Path to the Hive executable
templeton.storage.class The class to use for storage
templeton.override.enabled True to enable the override path in templeton.override.jars
templeton.streaming.jar HDFS path to the Hadoop streaming jar file
templeton.exec.timeout Time out for the WebHCat API
Custom WebHCat Configs Use this text box to enter values for the webhcat-site.xml properties not exposed by the UI. Enter in "key=value" format, with a newline as a delimiter between pairs.

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