8.3. Hive/HCat

This tab covers Hive and HCatalog settings. Here you can set properties for the Hive Metastore and database and related options. Click the name of the group to expand and collapse the display.


Table 3.10. Hive/HCat Settings: Hive Metastore

Name Notes

Hive Metastore host

The host that has been assigned to run the Hive Metastore

Hive Database

Check New MySQL Database to have Ambari create one for you or Existing MySQL Database to use an existing instance.

Database Type

MySQL is pre-populated

Database host

The FQDN of the host that has been assigned to run the database

Database name

The name for the database. Can be any legal name.

Database user The username used to connect to the database

Database password

The password for accessing the Hive/HCatalog Metastore. This is a required property. You must type it in twice.


Table 3.11. Hive/HCat Settings: Advanced Settings

Name Notes

Hive PID dir

Directory for Hive process PID files

WebHCat log dir

Directory for WebHCat log files

WebHCat PID dir

Directory for WebHCat process PID files


Whether to connect to remove a metastore server or open a new metastore server in the Hive Client JVM

javax.jdo.option. ConnectionDriverName

Driver class name for a JDBC metastore

hive.metastore.warehouse.dir The location of the default database for the warehouse


Comma separated list of metastore object types that should be pinned in the cache

hive.semantic.analyzer.factory.impl Which Semantic Analyzer Factory implementation class is used by CLI
hadoop.clientside.fs.operations If FS operations are owned by the client
hive.metastore.client.socket.timeout Metastore client socket timeout in seconds
hive.metastore.execute.setugi In unsecure mode, setting this property to true causes the metastore to execute DFS operations using the client's reported user and group permissions. Note : this property must be set on both the client and server sides. This is a best effort property. If client is set to true and server is set to false, the client setting is ignored.
hive.security.authorization.enabled Whether hive client authorization is enabled
hive.security.authorization.manager The class name of the hive client authorization manager. A user defined authorization class should implement the org.apache.hadoop.hive. ql.security.authorization. HiveAuthorizationProvider interface
Custom Hive Configs Use this text box to enter values for hive-site.xml properties not exposed by the UI. Enter in "key=value" format, with a newline as a delimiter between pairs.

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