What's New with Ambari?

  • The latest release of Ambari is Ambari 2.6.1.
  • Ambari 2.6.1 added the following feature:
    • Conditionally Install LZO packages through Ambari (AMBARI-22457)
  • Ambari 2.6.0 added the following features:
    • Ambari Metrics System's (AMS) distributed mode with multiple Collectors (General Availability) (AMBARI-15901)
    • Improvements in Host Recovery (Restart only), moving masters with minimum impact and scale testing (AMBARI-21898, AMBARI-21929, AMBARI-21834)
    • Improvement in Data Archival & Purging in Ambari Infra (AMBARI-21810)
  • Ambari 2.5.2 added the following features:
    • Cross Stack upgrade support.
  • Ambari 2.5.0 added the following features:
    • LLAP GA support via Ambari (AMBARI-18901)
    • Ambari authentication with Kerberos token (AMBARI-18364)
    • Support Offline Stack Upgrades In a Cluster (AMBARI-18634)
    • Ambari Metrics System Distributed mode - multiple Collectors (Tech Preview) (AMBARI-15901)
    • Service Auto Start support in Ambari (AMBARI-2330)
    • Ambari scale testing on 2500 Agents (AMBARI-18731)
    • Single API to download all client configs (AMBARI-19275)
    • Support topN user and operations visualization for HDFS in AMS-Grafana (AMBARI-19320)

Getting Ambari Source

See Ambari Development guide on how to check out the source and build it.


You can follow all the work going on by watching the Ambari JIRA project. You can see the JIRA details for Ambari here:


Stay Tuned

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