What's New with Ambari?

  • The latest release of Ambari is Ambari 2.4.2. This is a maintainenance release of Ambari 2.4.0.
  • Ambari 2.4.0 added the following features:
    • Version Definition File (AMBARI-15636)
    • Audit Logging (AMBARI-15241)
    • Ambari Management Packs (AMBARI-14682)
    • Dynamic Stack Extensions (AMBARI-12885)
    • Stack Featurization (AMBARI-13363)
    • Spark2 Service (AMBARI-16753)
    • Ambari Infra Service (AMBARI-17822)
    • Zeppelin Service (AMBARI-15265)
    • Logsearch Service - Beta Release (AMBARI-15139)

Getting Ambari Source

See Ambari Development guide on how to check out the source and build it.


You can follow all the work going on by watching the Ambari JIRA project. You can see the JIRA details for Ambari here:


Stay Tuned

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