8.7. Oozie

This screen covers Oozie settings. Here you can set properties for the Oozie server, as well as some advanced properties. Click the name of the group to expand and collapse the display.


Table 3.19. Oozie Settings: Oozie Server


Oozie Server host

This value is prepopulated based on your choices on previous screens

Oozie Data Dir

Data directory in which the Oozie DB exists.


Table 3.20. Oozie Settings: Advanced

Oozie Log Dir Directory for Oozie logs
Oozie PID Dir Directory for the PID files for Oozie processes
oozie.system.id The Oozie system ID
oozie.systemmode System mode for Oozie at startup
oozie.service.AuthorizationService.security.enabled If security (username/admin role) is enabled or not. If disabled, any user can manage Oozie system and any job.
oozie.service.PurgeService.older.than Jobs older than this value in days will be purged by the PurgeService.
oozie.service.PurgeService.purge.interval Interval at which the PurgeService will run, given in seconds
oozie.service.CallableQueueService.queue.size Max callable queue size
oozie.service.CallableQueueService.threads Number of threads for executing callables.
oozie.service.CallableQueueService.callable.concurrency Maximum concurency for a given callable type. Each command is a callable type: submit, start, run, etc. Each action type is a callable type: MapReduce, SSH, sub-workflow, etc. All commands that use action executors (action-start, action-end. etc.) use the action type as the callable type.
oozie.service.coord.normal.default.timeout Default timeout for a coordinator action input check (in minutes) for a normal job. Set to -1 for infinite timeout.
oozie.db.schema.nameOozie database name
oozie.service.HadoopAccessorService.jobTracker.whitelist Whitelisted job tracker for Oozie service
oozie.authentication.type Defines authentication for Oozie HTTP endpoint. One of simple | kerberbos |#AUTHENTICATION_HANDLER_CLASSNAME#
oozie.service.WorkflowAppService.system.libpathSystem library path to use for workflow applications. This path is added to workflow applications if the oozie.use.system.libpath property in their job properties is set to true.
use.system.libpath.for.mapreduce.and.pig.jobsIf true, submissions of MapReduce and Pig jobs automatically include the system library path. Doing so means that users do not need to specify where the Pig .jar files are because the ones that are in the system library path are used.
oozie.authentication.kerberos.name.rules The name rules to resolve Kerberos principal names. See Hadoop's Kerberos Name for more details.
oozie.service.HadoopAccessorService. hadoop.configurationsComma-separated list of form AUTHORITY=HADOOP_CONF_DIF, where AUTHORITY is the host/port of the Hadoop service (JobTracker, HDFS). The wildcard * configuration is used when there is no exact match for an authority. The HADOOP_CONF_DIR contains the relevant Hadoop*-site.xml files. A relative path is assumed to begin in the Oozie configuration directory. The path can also be absolute and point to Hadoop client conf/directories in the local filesystem.
oozie.service.JPAService.create.db.schemaCreates the Oozie DB. If set to true it creates the DB schema if it does not exist. If the DB schema exists, it is a NOP. If set to false, it does not create the DB schema. Note: if the DB schema does not exist, start up fails.
oozie.service.JPAService.jdbc.driverThe JDBC driver class
oozie.service.JPAService.jdbc.urlThe JDBC URL
oozie.service.JPAService.jdbc.usernameThe DB username
oozie.service.JPAService.jdbc.passwordThe DB user password. IMPORTANT: If the password is empty, leave a 1 space string. The service trims the value, and if it is empty, the configuration assumes it is NULL.
oozie.service.JPAService.pool.max.active.connMaximum number of connections
Custom Oozie Configs Use this text box to enter values for oozie-site.xml properties not exposed by the UI. Enter in "key=value" format, with a newline as a delimiter between pairs.

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